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Who am I?

I am a guy who let his hobby get way out of hand!  Seriously, I am Larry Spence and am the artist in wood who creates works of art with turntables and vintage electronics. It's something I have been doing off and on since the 60's.  Yea, I'm that old. 

The Creative Side

I am fortunate enough to be able to work with my friends and create  custom turntables and plinths for their tables from exotic woods from the far corners of the earth. There are few things that feel as sweet as a finely polished piece of beautifully grained  wood.

The Repair Side

When I started working on turntables, it was out of necessity. That was a long time ago.  Now, with the fairly recent resurgence and interest in vinyl, I started repairing turntables. I also receive much enjoyment by assisting new audiophiles. New folks often make the wrong choices and sometimes the dissatisfaction will cause them to give up on the enjoyment before they even started. Too sad.


A Modified AR-XA

One of my favorite turntables to restore and modify. With the proper tonearm and suspension modifications, this turtable can perform with tables costing much much more!

Mass Plinths

If you are into heavyweight plinths for Garrards, Lencos, Thorens, Technics SP-10,15,25, or even Duals and Miracords; I can help you get the plinth you want.

Purple Haze

This is just another expample of and AR-XA with many modifications and upgrades. Not to mention the purple tiger maple plinth.

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